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About us: autors of Family travel blog — Life with Dream

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Warm greetings to all visitors of our family travel blog Life with Dream! This project is created for our loved ones, friends and like-minded fellows, for all who either travel or want to do that. Please meet us. We are always happy to find new soul mates.

There are three of us: mom, dad and a daughter. Taking the opportunity of living on this wonderful planet, we are eager to explore. We live on the wing nonstop. And…

  • we develop unique routes in South East Asian countries;
  • we study traditions, habits and culture in Asian region;
  • we have already published hundreds of articles about Asia in Russian language and start to translate all of them to English;
  • we have a big expertise over Thailand, India and Bali – our most favorite destinations;
  • we even wrote a book – Magic Kick, or How to Stop Being Scared of Travels (only in Russian now);
  • we are happy parents of our little lotus girl. Natural childbirth, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, etc. – it’s all about us.

Our e-mail:

We love the sun, the motion and creation, and magical circumstances, which are reached by paths we choose. We love to realize ourselves and all that surrounds us. We love to think, create, travel, discover, explore and experience different spaces. Everything that happens in our lives is formed from our thoughts, words, deeds and feelings. We try to sense the world around us and think aiming, so we can make each moment the way we want to live it. We are happy to assist other Earth explorers in finding themselves and their own destiny as well as sharing our piece of sunshine and inspiration with them.

Now a little bit more about each of us.

Alexander Alekseenko, a beloved husband and dad, the head of a family. He takes under control the primary energies, insight and communication. In this blog, he is in charge of tech support, useful guides and daily question-answer activity.

“I’m a person with a rebel heart, loving freedom in all its aspects! After 15 years of being a white collar worker, I finally realized that there was no sense in wasting my whole life for a useless paperwork. My eagerness for freedom tipped the balance and I quit my job. They’re been 6 years since I became free from clerk’s routine and started doing what I really wanted.

At this moment, I’m doing what I’ve been always dreaming about. I’m traveling, leading internet projects, inspiring people and arranging my exploration tours across Asia. I love my work, although I wouldn’t call it this word. It’s a hobby, which brings me only a joy.

For now, my main occupation is being a father of a wonderful daughter. I’m a happy man because I have two beloved girls always with me – my wife and daughter. I love my family. Parenthood for me is a good way to educate myself as my daughter is the best little teacher in the world”.

Natalia Liubimova, also known as Sun Ray. She is a loving and caring mother, who guards peace and harmony and stays in charge of creativity and relations with the magic.

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“I love my wonderful family, amazing husband and daughter. I’m constantly learning to be a wise parent, who doesn’t dictate what to do but helps to adapt in this life. I’m very interested in such topics as healthy pregnancy, gentle birth, lotus birth, breastfeeding, in short – everything that relates to that magical moment of child’s appearance on Earth.

I also volunteer for orphanages and cancer centers. I dream about our planet and humanity without cancer. And I know there will be a solution soon. I love making friends, drawing pictures, handcrafting with kids as well as searching for answers in myself, following my senses. In other people, I admire alternate and deep thinking, clairvoyance and the ability to sense the world. I know the language of trees. When I’m in India and Bali I soak myself in studying Vedic practices. I explore the energy of the sun as this is our tomorrow”.

Yaroslava, our daughter and a wise creature of our family. She is in charge of delivering happiness and inspiration, our realization and communication with the universe.

Yaroslava was born November 18, 2012, in Bali, in the wonderful maternity home Bumi Sehat. Yaroslava is just adapting to this world, but before she was born, in mommy’s bump, she’d already become a traveler. And she really likes it!

In her very early years, she has an opportunity to hear different languages, communicate with people of various nationalities, explore new spaces, observe and learn. Since she was born, she has been living in warm climate, loving to swim and dive. Yaroslava spends all the time in the fresh air, making best friends with the sun and the ocean… and she knows nothing about dummies, rattles, strollers and other unnecessary equipment.

We travel the world with the daughter since she was born

So our short introduction has come to an end. We hope you’ll find the information in our blog useful and interesting as it is gathered and prepared with love. Text or call us, we are always in touch and happy to find more friends.


Sending you rays of the sun!

Sincerely yours,

Authors of Family travel blog — Life with Dream

Alexander, Natalia and Yaroslava

Автор статьи Александр Алексеенко
Глава семьи путешественников, блогер, идейный вдохновитель.

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    It’s great to see the FAMILY in travel. My respect for you guys.

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